The Slack-Carroll house  is located at 354 Georges Road, Dayton.  The house was the first house built north of the intersection of Five Points; it was the first physician's office in the rural village; it was known to be the first hospital (and probably the last, since there were only two hospital rooms, a waiting room, and an examining room); and it had the first indoor plumbing in town with a zinc lined wooden tub.   

Board meetings are held there the Third Tuesday of the month by the Dayton Village Citizens' Coalition, and the South Brunswick Garden Club, a partner. You are welcome to attend.


Grandma's Lotions and Potions booklet is now on line, just check out the links to it from the garden pages.

Grandma's Lotions and Potions exhibit was inspired by locally owned antique health and beauty recipe books. The exhibit highlights the plants and materials people used to make home remedies and homemade beauty products when little else was available in this rural area. Come see the plants, photos of the plants, the recipes, and artifacts of the period. Plants used in such potions were locally grown. Photos of these plants and wildflowers from rural South Brunswick were taken over the past 30 years by Dr. Richard Ilnicki, Professor Emeritus from Cook College. Many of the rural environments where the plants thrived no longer exist. The exhibit is partially funded by Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission.

Check out our SCEETERs online webquest for students and adults--a fun way to learn about New Jersey's leadership in Mosquito Control and the dangers of mosquitoes as carriers of disease. Mosquitoes had a huge economic impact on New Jersey, particularly along coastal areas, as well as an impact on the health of its residents and their animals. 


Also in preparation are those that will feature Civil War and post-Civil War era medicine and artifacts highlighting Civil War service of South Brunswick citizens at the Slack-Carroll house.

The Garden Club is also planning the gardens to reflect plants commonly found in Victorian gardens. Troop 888's Brian Del Guercio for his Eagle Scout project installed a Victorian Garden room(s) at the Slack-Carroll house.

Donors to the renovation and/or gardens include:

Dayton Auto Center

National Paint Industries and Supplies of North Brunswick

Midco Waste of New Brunswick


Coffey Construction


Chicken Holiday


Von Thun's Farm Market and Nursery

Crossroads Nursery

Pleasant Hill Farm Market

Cranbury Paint and Hardware

Exhibit topics we've prepared for Exhibition.

  • Doctors of Dayton: Rural Medical Practice 1865-1930
  • Algonkian Baskets, a Victorian collecting Craze
  • Grandma's Lotions and Potions
  • Mosquitoes and Mosquito Control
  • Medicine in the Civil War

  • Home Remedies of the 1800s

  • Antique Roses of Victorian Gardens




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